Sabtu, 28 Agustus 2010

Asian Hairstyles
Asian women have an added advantage of having beautiful and healthy hair. Many Asian hair are coarse and some are straight. However, there is a misconception that all the Asians have straight hair. This is not true, in fact, many Asian women have wavy hair and many have straight. Asian girls have a huge variety of hairstyles and other styling options. The Asian hair can be styled in any way. Asian hair are much healthier and thick and straight. Asian women have a oily scalp, so these women have to wash their hair everyday, so as to give a natural a fresh look to the hair. Moreover, Asian hair are shiny and sleek. Now, let us discuss some styling options for Asian hair. Here are some of the Asian hairstyles for girls.
Bob hairstyles is one of the cute Asian hairstyles for girls. Bob hairstyles show off the airiness and casual look. There is a one length bob, which looks great after hair coloring and is a very casual hairstyle, which looks great on jeans and other casual wear. In addition, there is an asymmetrical bob hairstyle which is elegant and stylish. The medium length hair at the side of the face are permed slightly, to give a soft look. Round bob haircut with long bangs, looks very great and the face looks smaller due to the bangs.

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